Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Hi Dears,

Sorry for the days of absence, last couple of days where a whirlwind and lots of fun, part of it was, I had a totally unexpected invitation for drinks, so picture this: I am in my house ready to have a much needed session of DVR :) I had like 3 weeks of shows and series piling up...so I prepared the territory...I am in my PJ's, I have my noodle soup on the side (I know what an adventurous gal am I ha-ha...such a bore), and In Style Magazine and VOGUE also ready (they serve a purpose during the commercials because I prefer not to fast forward and rather use that time to "multitask" and check into the latest trends :) So there I was...and then phone rings and it turns out my friends are two blocks from my building! and invite me to go to a local bar to have some drinks and listen to some 80's music!!! Alcohol & 80's??? PJ's are off!!! :) I had literally 5 minutes to get ready and luckily I was lazy and still had my makeup on from the day...I had to think fast and this is the easiest fastest outfit I could come up with. Strapples Top (I just slide in to), a pop of color with the Jeans, Clutch, Botties and my Peplum Leather Jacket (I live in this thing!! I almost shower with this on :))and to top it all...the HERO of the night, this Zara Necklace that is stunning, chunky and definitely takes the outfit to a level of sophistication that its appropriate for the occasion.

Hope you like my "express" outfit ;) and just in case you where wondering...YES the night turned out to be AWESOME , and I am glad that I said YES to the invitation, even if it was so so so short notice!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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