Friday, November 29, 2013

Saturday Groceries

Saturday Groceries

Hey Hey! :D

I start my post today with this big smile because obviously the weekend its officially starting yeeey!! Who doesn't like weekends huh? I have to confess there is one little thing I don't particularly enjoy on weekends and in life and it is grocery shopping...I am not proud of this and consider it one of my biggest areas of opportunity. My friends and I joke about the fact that in my house you will never see a mouse, a roach or any kind of disgusting insect and the reason is.....They will die of starvation!!!!! ha-ha Practically they are running for their lives!!!

On a more serious note ;) I bet some of you have been in the situation where you roll out of bed, put on your Lulu Lemon's and off you go to the grocery mission! Then a horrible thing happens...In the supermarket you bump into your Ex!!! looking like hell and wanting to camouflage yourself in with the greens and veggies ha-ha...It is THE worst! And don't get me wrong while I loveeee Lulu's (for workout) I think when you are in a situation like this you want to look the best you can for a Saturday Morning right? So, that is my inspiration for today, an option for this cold winter mornings to go run your errands looking like a decent human being. I hope that you notice "my gal" is carrying her reusable bag to put her goods in and keeping the experience Eco-Friendly ;D

Hope you rock something like this tomorrow.

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