Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LINES I ♥: Julie Vos

Julie Vos

Hi Dears!

Today I had to talk about JULIE VOS!! I am an avid fan of their very unique designs. Also I have to confess I am the worst when it comes to taking care of faux bijoux :/ I mean I try to take them off when I wash my hands of course, but no matter how hard I try the metallic look fades very quickly for me and that awful coppery gold comes out (yuuuk)...When I found Julie's Collections it was the perfect solution to all my jewelry troubles ♥...All her pieces are 24K Gold Plate and therefore hold their beauty for a long long long time :D 

All the pieces I own always guarantee someone complementing me or asking me about them, so I decide to post this so you can all enjoy this wonderful creations. 

An insider tip I can give you is, each week they have the "FRIDAY DEAL" and this means one or more of the most coveted pieces go on sale for that day! I have bought for an example rings that range from 75-80 USD for 20-40 USD!!

Also, you can enjoy a 15% off on your first purchase just by subscribing when you open the website.

Ok ladies, well I have given you all my knowledge about this fabulous brand that I truly enjoy :)

Happy spring shopping!
Thank You All for stopping by!