Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ESSENTIALS #5: The Leather Jacket




Its that time again Dears!! Yeey! :D Essentials! Love'em...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I ♥ leather jackets, I mean, I don't think I could ever say I have too many :D For me, this essential has been always my staple even when they were not that much in fashion, I always felt that added edge and personality to my outfits, but also I find it very practical, since the care required is really minimum!

I have put 3 examples on how versatile the jacket can be, I hope you enjoy them, because I could wear any of this in a heartbeat :)

Now, lets get to the technicalities, shall we? If you are a normal human being...not like me ha-ha...meaning you're looking to have just 1 fabulous version of this in your closet then pay attention to the following:

SHAPE: This is the most important thing to look for, because, you can have a great material very expensive item and if it doesn't fit like a glove and looks amazing on you, guess what!? you are not going to wear it and you will end up having this baby waaaay in the back of your closet and your investment would be in vain. Particularly on a leather jacket that you want to use for different purposes, you want to get one that is nicely fitted at the waist to add that femininity that you will need in order to pair this with a nice dress for an example, if the shape is a little slouchy perhaps would look great with jeans but it will not transition well to a more sophisticated look.

MATERIAL: Whether you wear real leather or only vegan leather (faux-leather), fortunately there are great quality options in the market nowadays :)  Look for medium thickness in the material, if its too thin probably will need more care as it could rip easily and if its too thick its going to be probably to bulky for some looks or outfits.

HARDWARE: This, is a key point where you can tell the quality on leather goods, my rule? “If it looks cheap it will chip” ;) also if the hardware feels too lightweight more are the chances that it will appear not expensive looking.

Last but not least, here are a few options that I found at different price ranges:

$ AMAZON (The one in this post!)

Good luck with your Essentials :) and Thank You for stopping by!


Saturday, April 5, 2014



Hello Dears!!

You, you and you that enjoy stylish and fabulous things as much as I do ♥ ...Have you ever felt judged because of your passion for fashion?? I know I have, and you know what? this outfit is my response to all those people that I have felt judged by!!! -Haha :D

I mean, I totally respect people who don't consider fashion important in their lives and I leave them live in peace :) so, all I ask is a little reciprocity here! Have you ever come across with someone that criticize you or looks at you thinking that because you are super fashionable you don't have any other thing to offer and immediately assume that your appreciation for style must be inversely related to your IQ? Well if you have, I invite you to show the polite alternative to a hand-sign and instead, give them an unapologetic display of elegance, allure and fabulosity! Take this "judgettes" haha...

True, our importance is related to the positive impact that we make, the lessons learned, the love we share, our growth and evolution as human beings and the understanding and compassion we show in our life experiences...BUT why not face these in a cute dress and amazing shoes if possible! I don't see the harm in that! do you? ;)

As always...Thanks for stopping by!