Friday, December 26, 2014

NYE OUTFIT IDEAS: Host or Queen?



Hello Dears,

Well, what a year this has been and how fast did it went by!! I want to thank all of you sweet readers that have made this year so exciting for me, I had some fun changes in my personal life this year which prevented me from posting as often as I wanted to, but I appreciate you coming back to see what was new :) 

I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that ALL of your dreams & projects materialize and that 2015 brings you a ton of health, peace, fashion and fun!!!

And speaking of fashion...what is the best way to stay stylish thru the year? By ending it with style of course!!! So, no matter if you are rocking your looks at a fancy club or if you are hosting a party yourself, here are a few options to look the part and closing this year as fashion-fabulously as you want 2015 to be!!!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

ESSENTIALS & TRENDS: The Plaid Button Down




Hi Dears!!

So the cold winter should be here, although in my town it hasn't really kicked in, this week we had days around 80 degrees! That is what inspired me to share this essential which is also a huge trend right now! This is a garment that you will be able to have for years and years and you will get a lot of use out of it...I can go on and on about all the great things about them but lets go to the point:

VERSATILITY: As you can see on my inspirations you can take your shirt from edgy to preppy to sophisticated in a snap! just by adding a pair of distressed jeans, a trench coat or a pencil skirt!
COMFORT: Plaid shirts often are made of flannel or a nice blen of cotton and .... so this means that they are not only cozy but also they only get better in time, the more you use them the softer they will get. Also, they are not tight (or they shouldn't be) so you always feel
like you can move around because the look is meant to be a relaxed and cool one!
LONGEVITY: Even though we are seeing this trend everywhere we go now,  plaid has always been around in one way or another so investing in a nice plaid shirt will definitely pay off because pretty much they never go out of style :)

Here a few great options:
UNDER $100
UNDER $150

Enjoy shopping and thanks for stopping by!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Cool & Cooler!

Cool & Cooler

Hi Dears,

I have been missing you so much, I've been working really hard on my new collection of dresses and that has kept me away from you all but I am back more inspired than ever...

Today's outfit is for the days to come...or at least what we think is coming haha--thanks global warming!...Ok so let me rephrase, for whenever our weather gets cool it is imperative to be prepared to be cooler ;) This is an outfit that works perfect because it offers layers, if you get to a place that has heating you can take the scarf and jacket off and you would still look like a 10!

I specially love this BAUBLEBAR statement earrings because they take an otherwise simple outfit to a higher glam level, and make this look complete!

I hope you enjoy the last days of hot weather and start preparing for the most elegant season :)

Thanks for stopping by! ;)


Monday, September 8, 2014


Altuzarra P



Altuzarra Fun

Hi Dears!!

Is that time again...another great Target Colaboration, this time is ALTUZARRA's turn. It was just 2 days ago that we were drooling over the new SS15 collection on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway and now we will all have easy acces to the beautiful, wearable and practical pieces that this young designer has for us!

Here I share with you some of the options and price ranges that we can expect and I am sure that you -as I, will run to your nearest Target this September 14 to get your hands on one of this pieces.

So, remember to set your alarm this Sunday and hope you enjoy the shopping. In case you don't have a Target near you here is the link so you can be ready to click! ALTUZARRA for TARGET

Thank You for your visit!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Forever Sun

Forever Sun

Hey Dears!

The day is GORGEOUS! and I just thought to myself wouldn't it be nice to have sunny days forever??? :D  I leave you with this very inspiring outfit for a day like today. The beautiful sundress puts everything together...and I am sharing the rest of the info below, I hope you enjoy this awesome SUNDAY!

Thanks for stopping by! ;)


Friday, August 22, 2014



Hola Dears!

Have you ever bought something that goes with NOTHING in your wardrobe but you just had to have it? Well, that was my mother when I was growing up, needless to say the woman has two and a half closets!! Ha-ha. I remember her saying:"Oh I just love this bracelet"(that she had nothing to pair it with)then she HAD to get the shoes, the bag, the dress and everything else to make it work....I think it was just a cleaver way to justify her shopping addiction, but anyway, on today's outfit that its exactly what happened to me with this amazing Baublebar earrings, they are the star of the ensemble and even though they are sold out(sorry ladies!) I have some wonderful and VERY affordable options below that are equally amazing!!!!!

PS. I am also obsessed with the bag!!!!

Thanks for your visit ;)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

ESSENTIALS: Summer White Dress Perfection

White Dress Perfection

Hey Dears!

I think we all have those non-stop days that make us nervous, because we know we will be moving from appointment to appointment throughout the day and we're not going to have that much time to change. Today's essential is THE perfect option, stay in the same dress and just change the accessories and voila!

A White Dress like this just HAS to be in your closet, its a maxidress so it has some sophistication implicit to it, I love the fit and V-neck, its very flattering to almost all body types + white is a universally flattering color :)

When looking for this essential on your next shopping trip, the main thing you have to check for is a quality fabric! The secret to a great looking white dress is the softness of the material, therefore a stiff fabric or one that easily wrinkles will not be the best investment, you either can go for a great jersey that has some good weight to it or silk, any of this two would be the safe way to go.

Below you can find the exact same dress I use for inspiration and two other options in different price ranges:


$$$ Zappos
$$ Nordstrom

Enjoy shopping and thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Hello Dears!

I know we all have those days where you really wake up not in the mood to glam it up, not in the mood to be supercolorful but you still have to look polish and put together because you have that bussiness lunch you just can't cancel or that meeting with a friend in a very social spot where you know you're gonna bump into acquantances and people in your circle that are part of your professional life and you must pay a little effort without the effort haha...In those cases the answer is NEUTRALS!! Oh yes !!

Put them together and just pair with a detail of neutrals that pop like this Michael Kors Clutch that is really what pulls everything together!  You can get it HERE !

I think this is sexy, feminine and definitely demure enough to say: "That girl didn't try too hard but darn it she looks goooood!!!! :D

I hope you recreate this soon in one of those mornings...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Hey Dears!

So, its Saturday Morning, you have to take out your pet and you don't want to go out on the streets looking like a public enemy for the eyes ha-ha but you don't want to spend more than 10 minutes getting ready...This is what I call Lazy-Chic, this option alouds you to just "slide" into the outfit, if you don't want to do your hair you can just disguise it under this really cool hat and the touch of chicness really is all about the accessories, starting with this Tory Burch Crossbody Wallet (available  HERE) which is a super practical option to carry your credit cards in case you need to do some grocery shopping on your way back and also of course to have your doggie bags handy ;)

The sunnies I cannot even begin to tell you how serious of crush I have!!! This are Tierry Lasry and the model is called Orgasmy :D I mean this people really know what they are talking about!! If you are interested in them you can get them HERE

Well, that's all for today but thanks as always for taking the time and stopping by!


Thursday, July 10, 2014








Hello Dears,

I have a Vegas trip on the corner (yeeey) and wanted to share with you the process on how I normally pack ;)
When I travel with people, very often they comment on how light I pack, specially being a girl and a fashion lover. What I do, is NOT pack any randoms, I specifically pack complete outfits for specific moments of the trip and really imagine each of the days to be realistic about how much time am I going to have to change outfits. Back in the day, I use to suffer from what I call the “vedette syndrome” (ha-ha I know some of you can relate to this) thinking that I was going to have an outfit for breakfast and like a showgirl I was going to change outfits for each opportunity or occasion, a dinner , and outing, pool, name it, I brought it!…Nowadays, I’ve become more practical and wiser and I built multifunctional outfits that can perfectly work on different occasions and only plan changing clothes for nights out or an event…and even then I take just one pair of pumps and a clutch that work with all my night outfits ;)

Here I share a few examples on how just 3 pairs of shoes an a couple of garments can perfectly work for a weekend getaway :) Hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by...and wish me luck!!! ;)



Saturday, June 21, 2014

TRENDS: Rompers & Jumpsuits



Hello Dears,

As you might notice this two babies are back! Rompers & Jumpsuits and I couldn't be happier :) When putting an outfit together they are just an easy and comfortable choice, and I don't know what it is about them, maybe the combination of masculine and feminine, but they just make me feel sexy whenever I wear them...The only down side to them is honestly... the visits to the ladies room! ;) (I know you get me), nonetheless I'm very willing to pay the price because I just can get enough of them! ♥

As you can see I'm showing here some examples on how they are R&J for any occasion, day to night, casual to formal...but there are a few considerations to make when buying yours: 

FIT: It is all about the fit! Consider that, since this garments are made on one piece they are probably not going to fit like a glove because there are so many angles to consider and it's not as easy as fitting in a blouse, in this garment you are trying to accommodate ALL the angles of your body at once! :) So please be patient and don't discard the tailoring option if you find one that you just have to have! :D

PRINT: When choosing a printed one, pay attention to the loudness of the print! One that its to busy or big and you might go from fabulous to clown-land haha.Whit one-pieces, in terms of print is better be safe than sorry.

LENGTH: Particularly when buying online, consider your height and check the specification of the garments very carefully. I know we welcome the idea of doing a little tailoring here and there but there are things that are just not worth the trouble and might end ruining the piece, and one of the height related issues are inseams, so keep this in mind and avoid surprises by measuring your self first ;)

Ok my Dears, I hope you enjoy this summery jewel of a trend and thanks so much for your visit! ;)


Saturday, June 14, 2014

WORLD CUP: Fan or Supporter?




Hi Dears!

As you know the Soccer World Cup is being celebrated and this post its answering to a request you had about what to wear to support your teams. I think as girls we find ourselves in one of this two scenarios that affect our fashion choices:

1. We are proud and devoted fans and we even have the official shirts to prove it :) we are definitely following all the games and our working schedule alouds for us to join our friends at a local sports bar or house get-together to cheer, scream and drink on the name of our team!!

2. We hate soccer (or all sports for that matter) and wouldn't be caught dead in a soccer jersey!! (augh) BUT still feel kind of patriotic and want to at least show a little of that pride in a more sophisticated manner ;)

Well, I hope you like the options I have put together for you and good luck sporting your chic looks :)

Thanks for stopping by!


 P.S. For the request-Bravo Meg!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

OBSESSIONS! I am loosing it!


Happy Sunday Dears,

My latest obsession is DYLANLEX, being totally honest with you everytine I see a piece, I literally have a physical reaction, I swear I breath faster! I love ALL of their creations, they have what I call a Classic Forward factor, they remind you of something a warrior in the begining of centuries could've wore but at the same time is edgy,modern and loud...Is yesterday and tomorrow if you know what I mean! 

Swarovski Crystal and antiqued metals are used in each of their masterpieces, so you can imagine that they can come up quite pricey, but I think that once you'd have your hands on one of this you would truly wear it forever! Now, while we look for some +800USD spare change in our purses hahaha :D I found alternatives from ZARA and BAUBLEBAR that at least I found very calming in the mean time!

I hope you love them as much as I do and now we can be obsessed together :)

Thanks for stopping by ;)


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little Wonder Dress




Hi Dears,

Everyone that knows me knows that I looove looove looove dresses, I am pretty sure at least half of my wardrobe are dresses and maybe a little more than that. I just find dresses such an ideal and practical garment, you can play them up or down with accessories and they make the outfit building process so easy, not too mention they are comfty to wear all day...

Once in while comes a dress that achieves both visual interest and versatility, I found this amazing printed little dress that its already coming my way ;D and I wanted to share with you how I am already envisioning myself in it!!

If you want to get it don't hesitate and leave me a comment :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy, Mom, Mother




Happy Mother's Day my Dears!!

I was inspired by this idea of how a woman develops in style as her role evolves as well...When she has toddlers the need to be comfortable to run after the little ones is essential and its that time when all she hears all day is Mommy Mommy Mommy! Ha-ha :D I know many of my friends are in that phase right now...Then when the kids become more independent she recovers some freedom and goes back to loving the heels a little more often again, that is the Mom phase :) (also our gifts for Mother's Day have to evolve of course!)... And then when we are adults is when we call her MOTHER and also luckily is when we can afford to give her gifts like that special trip she never took when she was taking care of us ♥

So, to all the Mommys, Moms, and Mothers, God bless you for quitting your heels for us for a while, for forgiving our chocolate stains in your ivory cashmere sweater, and for more than often choosing to buy rollers skates for us instead of that cute bag for yourselves! ♥♥♥




Friday, May 9, 2014

TRENDS: Artsy Abstract Prints


Hi Dears,

This is a summer trend that I really dig!! :) I’ve always been a prints lover and this trend of mixing artsy and abstracts motifs is just making me so happy. Some may think its too loud and wouldn’t dare to try it so that is why I put together some options depending on the loudness of the print :

LEVEL 1: The pants have a low impact print, black and white so you can’t go wrong and really a safe option if you are on the shy side, I pair it with accessories that have basic lines and since its not showing leg or cleavage this is the most conservative of the three.

LEVEL 2: On top of the black and white, we invited blue into the mix for a medium loudness print, that looks really cool with the edgy shorts and sandals and added black and white sunnies.

LEVEL 3: Ok, this is the “out there” four color combo print and I love love love it, with the sky high heels in orangey-red and black and the mint and black clutch, this is a showstopper outfit no doubt about it :)

As a bonus and because nothing can get more artsy than nails, I added the always great Butter London shades that go perfect with the inspiration :)

So, which one you like the most?

As always thank you for stopping by!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Good & Bad


Hi Dears!!

For me the fun thing about expressing thru fashion is that, each time you get to tell a different story depending on what you decide to pair your "main character" with, mine is this Tiffany blue dress, I actually added the bow necklace ;) it looks like part of the dress huh? As you know I love a multipurpose garment so I though of a day look for the goody two-shoes in all of us and one for the night when we are aloud to be baaaaad :D....

So which one you prefer?? Good or Bad?

Love as always,


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ESSENTIALS #5: The Leather Jacket




Its that time again Dears!! Yeey! :D Essentials! Love'em...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I ♥ leather jackets, I mean, I don't think I could ever say I have too many :D For me, this essential has been always my staple even when they were not that much in fashion, I always felt that added edge and personality to my outfits, but also I find it very practical, since the care required is really minimum!

I have put 3 examples on how versatile the jacket can be, I hope you enjoy them, because I could wear any of this in a heartbeat :)

Now, lets get to the technicalities, shall we? If you are a normal human being...not like me ha-ha...meaning you're looking to have just 1 fabulous version of this in your closet then pay attention to the following:

SHAPE: This is the most important thing to look for, because, you can have a great material very expensive item and if it doesn't fit like a glove and looks amazing on you, guess what!? you are not going to wear it and you will end up having this baby waaaay in the back of your closet and your investment would be in vain. Particularly on a leather jacket that you want to use for different purposes, you want to get one that is nicely fitted at the waist to add that femininity that you will need in order to pair this with a nice dress for an example, if the shape is a little slouchy perhaps would look great with jeans but it will not transition well to a more sophisticated look.

MATERIAL: Whether you wear real leather or only vegan leather (faux-leather), fortunately there are great quality options in the market nowadays :)  Look for medium thickness in the material, if its too thin probably will need more care as it could rip easily and if its too thick its going to be probably to bulky for some looks or outfits.

HARDWARE: This, is a key point where you can tell the quality on leather goods, my rule? “If it looks cheap it will chip” ;) also if the hardware feels too lightweight more are the chances that it will appear not expensive looking.

Last but not least, here are a few options that I found at different price ranges:

$ AMAZON (The one in this post!)

Good luck with your Essentials :) and Thank You for stopping by!


Saturday, April 5, 2014



Hello Dears!!

You, you and you that enjoy stylish and fabulous things as much as I do ♥ ...Have you ever felt judged because of your passion for fashion?? I know I have, and you know what? this outfit is my response to all those people that I have felt judged by!!! -Haha :D

I mean, I totally respect people who don't consider fashion important in their lives and I leave them live in peace :) so, all I ask is a little reciprocity here! Have you ever come across with someone that criticize you or looks at you thinking that because you are super fashionable you don't have any other thing to offer and immediately assume that your appreciation for style must be inversely related to your IQ? Well if you have, I invite you to show the polite alternative to a hand-sign and instead, give them an unapologetic display of elegance, allure and fabulosity! Take this "judgettes" haha...

True, our importance is related to the positive impact that we make, the lessons learned, the love we share, our growth and evolution as human beings and the understanding and compassion we show in our life experiences...BUT why not face these in a cute dress and amazing shoes if possible! I don't see the harm in that! do you? ;)

As always...Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, March 28, 2014

From P.T.A to P.D.A ;)


Hello Dears!

Today's is turn for another sweet request from one of my dearest friends, she is what I call THE NEW MOM. With the explosion of the fashion world and the popularity and awareness that had been rising about being healthy, taking care of your body, eating well etc... Mothers now more than ever don't use having children as an excuse to let themselves go, just the opposite :) I am surrounded of beautiful ladies that have children and still find time to take care of their bodies, minds, and souls ♥

My OOTD inspiration is a multi-tasker mommy that has to go to the PTA Meeting and to Date Night with her man afterwards ;D

The vibrant color of the heels really pulls the outfit together, I combined with a pencil skirt which is super flattering for most shapes, in a very classic kinda tapestry print that looks sophisticated enough to face the PTA, and in order to keep it appropriate I use a flowy top with pleated detail and kept it very sleek with the accesories.

Well ladies I think that in this look the moms at the meeting will want to be You!! And your Man most definitely will want to make you a mommy again! haha :D

Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, March 22, 2014



Hi Dears!

Today's post is in answer to a fabulous request and suggestion that I am so grateful for, because I cannot even start telling how much I loved putting all this together! :D

People that now me, know how far I have gone for my love to Morrissey's Music up on to the point of traveling all by myself over 5,000 Kilometers with the sole purpose of watching the man dressed up in a tuxedo performing at the Carnegie Hall!!! Maybe some day I will tell you the story about that unforgettable experience and how NYC chew me up and spit me down!! Haha :D

But now, let's talk style...This Morrissey Fan has evolved from her teenage years, she doesn't go to the concert in Converse sneakers, she changed them for an amazing pair of Schutz booties and instead of the clear wayfarer glasses that Steven AKA "Mozza" made famous, she has a less literal version in pink (love them!). Also, I wanted to show what she would wear after the concert ;) so I put her in show stopper heels and added an amazing flower print faux-leather jacket :) because we all know the link between flowers and The Smiths right? haha :D and also the flowery details come perfect for spring and as we saw on Fashion Week they will come even stronger for Fall!

 If you like the jacket click HERE it's on SALE ladies ;)  and if you want to listen to one of my favorite songs of all time enjoy HERE

Ok, well this has been a blast, hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, March 17, 2014

ESSENTIALS #4: The Maxi Dress

Hola Dears!

Time for another great essential on our series and actually one of my faves! ♥ The MAXI DRESS :)
Is no secret that I am a dress lover, I just find dresses a very simple an easy option, and with the right accessories you can give them a different vibe every time, go from day to night, from ultra feminine to rocker, and here I am pleased to share with you my favorite options for this wardrobe staple.
A lot of people think of the Maxi as an obvious option to wear on a hot summer day, near the beach etc, and while its a totally perfect idea, the reality is we can get A LOT more from it....


DATE NIGHT: I got inspired thinking about an invitation for drinks, this is the kind of gal that orders whiskey instead of a cocktail, she is confident, smart, sexy and jut a bit tough in a very appealing way ;)


POWER LUNCH: This is a perfect example of the versatility of the Maxi, we throw a stylish blazer, an awesome handbag, nice but demure shoes, a great cuff as accessory and we are ready to meet with our business partner or a potential investor, assuming that you work on a creative field as I do I added a little personality on the IPad cover ;)


SATURDAY STROLL: Simple, easy, chic! This is what I was telling you before on why I love dresses, I mean you could be ready in 5 minutes and looking like a million bucks! Ready to take your pet for a walk and probably run some errands while you're at it....

Now the tricky part, choosing the right MAXI that can serve all this purposes:

1. Look for fabrics that don't have too loud of a print.
2. Avoid halters and rather go for one that provides some coverage on the shoulder.
3. Watch the length!!! If it's to long for your height, take it to the tailor and get it properly hemmed. There is nothing that will take the chicness out of your dress like walking around "moping" the streets of the city with your garment...

Well lovelies that is it for today, I hope that you like today's options and if you don't have this essential yet...go get yours, we are in perfect time with the spring starting :D

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, March 6, 2014



Hi Dears,

Sorry for the delay, with so many weather changes I got sick last week but as always trying to look at the positive :) that served as inspiration for this post. While I was coughing and sneezing all I kept wishing was for SPRING to come!!! Longer afternoons, 8:00PM dawns …I mean what’s not to love! Or as in my culture happens time for Carnes Asadas!! Yeah!!! Get the meat, the "guac", the grill ready, some Coronas ;) and we are R-E-A-D-Y!!!!

Carne Asada is the equivalent or similar to a BBQ , so what to wear? As it is an informal affair you can definitely do a cute look with jeans, a flowery top to honor the season (notice that I've choose a peplum one as you will need extra room after all the tacos and Coronas!! Haha), I also paired this with wedges for comfort and a crossbody bag as you will need your two hands free to hold your tacos with one and your beer with the other :D And of course as I always think, do your hair very cute and voila. I want to particularly address the hair situation as it was instilled in me by my mother, that no matter what you are wearing if you have your hair properly done you are halfway to looking spectacular ;)

I promise not to leave for this long again.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 21, 2014



Hello Dears...

...And Today the "Dears" really apply! :) As you remember, I have a post about what I would wear if I lived in Rome, New York and this time, honoring London's Fashion Week, I thought of transporting myself like I do in my "fashion dreams" to the UK's Capital!

Top of the Line Fabulousness! including weather friendly clothes and accessories that add a little bit of punk (which you know I love ♥) ...I couldn't leave out our cup of tea :) and the very light glass on our aviators that aloud us to still wear sunnies even in foggy London ;D

Hope you enjoy,
and for today...Cheers!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That's You My Friend!


Hey Hey!

Ok, so, honestly sometimes inspiration to dress just doesn't come in bunches, on those days I try to find just one bold statement piece and just construct around it.This is the perfect example...this booties just screamed!!! "pick me, pick me!" :)

I think about someone with a strong feminine side but a "Don't mess with me" attitude :) Oh I sooo like that girl! She is definitely not afraid of using big chunky jewelry, she can mix girly handbags with badass leather pants and she can definitely make a "stepfordwifey" kinda dinner AND win a political debate on the same night! ;)

That's you my friend...Love ya!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

ESSENTIALS #3: The Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee

Hi Dears,

The next Essential that you should always have in your closet is a Graphic Tee. It is important to have one that serves many purposes, so in order to make a good investment think about 3 things:

Quality: Tee’s are normally not dry cleaned or demand any sort of special care to them, so when choosing yours, go for one that is good quality even if you think that you are paying a little above of what you’ve normally pay for a tee, believe me it will pay off when you throw this in the washer and dryer and have the garment intact after many many uses. A poor quality garment can have stitches pulling out, can shrink in a horrible way or just loose its shape after a few cycles…then your investment would go to the trash…not cool  ;)

Boldness: You want to keep in mind you should be able to pair it with different type of garments, pretty much everything from jeans, to trousers, to skirts etc.. so it is important that your print does not scream “too crazy” and this would be the best way to assure that you will get the most out of one piece.

I know we are in the Era of “Cropped” haha AND I agree Cropped Tops look extremely girly and flirty, BUT, if you think about wearing this for an example for a night in the town or with a tuxedo type suit for an evening formal engagement, a normal length tee would be the best  option since a cropped one would take away any kind of sophistication from your outfit making it look to young perhaps.

Here's the link for the one I use for this post ;) 

Thank You as always