Thursday, November 7, 2013


Welcome to my blog, this is a space to share with you my personal style and hopefully to connect with many of you who might share the same taste in fashion and who drool over the same beautiful things I do. I will start by saying: “Hi, I’m Liliana and I'm a Fashion Bipolar” :) reason for the name of this blog and my clothing brand which I will share with you about on my future posts. This term was born when I was studying Fashion Design and on one assignment we had to describe our style in two words, I kid you not, INSTANTLY this two words came out of my mouth and I had to literally hold myself not to scream them at the class ha-ha :D

As a Fashion Designer of course I appreciate all kinds of aesthetics and eras and I definitely have a favorite designer for each of them, but when it comes to MY personal style, MY everyday dressing and of course MY designs there are 2 silhouettes and trends that impact my choices in an undeniable way and they are:
First, the extreme femininity and elegance of the 40’s and the second would be the rebelliousness and originality of Punk...See, I told you I‘m a fashion bipolar...I AM CLASSIC FORWARD. Hope you enjoy exploring this two in my future posts….

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