Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What to wear to VALLE DE GUADALUPE


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Hi Dears!!
Long time no see! I know ♥
I listened to one of the most frequent questions I get, living so close to a very important wine region...What do I wear to visit Valle de Guadalupe? Ok, I’ll explain these 3 inspos that I’m sharing with you today BUT, I’ll also tell you the most frequent faux pas I have seen on my visits to this beautiful place...

First, if you have never visited Valle or you haven't been there in a while, let me tell you it has changed and grown so beautifully!! Even though it's a day trip away if you are visiting from SoCal or a nearby area...I’d recommend that you plan for a weekend getaway and just stay at one of the boutique hotels that the area offers, which I have to say are spectacular by themselves...

Ok my friends, in our "imaginary" 3-day visit to Valle you're going to want to get there comfortably since you will probably be driving for a couple of hours...I suggest a really nice pair of printed shorts with an ultra-feminine top and super comfy pair of sandals and let’s wrap it all up with a cross body bag that-let's face it- is ALWAYS the best option for travel.

On our second day, I went a little bit fancier in my inspiration and choose a beautiful dress that looks elegant yet veryyyyy comfy and paired it with espadrilles (and we will talk about shoes in just a bit...) which are always synonymous of timeless elegance at summer time :) I also added Julie Vos jewelry, which I love because it's so unique and it adds a lot of originality to any outfit, especially when you are going for a bohemian look, one that a vineyard's visit calls for.
And last but not least, we have to think of what to wear on our way back from this viticultural dreeeeam ♥ Well, among some of the attractions that Valle offers is what is known as Glamping (yes you read that right, Glamping! Glamorous-Camping!! Here's a great example of said attraction, in case I left you thinking ;) Cabanas Cuatro Cuartos) and Craft Beer Tasting from local microbreweries! So perhaps, if you don't want to take the protagonist role from wine the other two days, you might want to check the local artisan beers before you leave ;) Obviously, this scene calls for a more relaxed look like in my third outfit suggestion...Some boyfriend jeans, a rocker-ish tank and a hat and you are ready to roll!!

Now, I said I was going to talk about shoes...The biggest mistake ladies make when visiting wineries is to wear HEELS!!! My goodness, it sounds so logical and simple yet, you would be surprised to see how many young beautiful ladies are "trying" to walk across the vineyards in 5-6 inch heels...I mean, ladies there is no way that you will be able to come out of that with dignity, I'm telling you! Ha-ha! Look, I understand that some gals want to add a few inches to their height and wouldn't be caught dead in a flat BUT, for those cases one can always wear espadrilles or a sensible wedge! But please, no "Lady-Gagaesque" platforms are needed for the wine scene.

Ok my ladies, I hope that you enjoy this post and start preparing your next weekend getaway to Valle de Guadalupe, it is WORTH IT!

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Friday, August 28, 2015





Hello Dears!

One of the things that made me fell in love with fashion very early in life was...the ability to dream that it gave me...In my mind, clothes were not only clothes, they were companions to fantastic stories that I created in my mind, when sketching a little dress I used to think on "my woman's" life, not only how she looked but where did she come from, what would she achieve and obviously they were always living fabulous lives and embracing who they were to the fullest...they were like my "fashion super heroes" if you will!!! :)

One of my favorite fashion super heroes would be THE CHANEL WOMAN...I wanted to share with you a little inspiration of what I feel its the perfect style journey for a Chanel-ette :D (should be a word!)...I used actual chronological reference to the iconic pieces that Coco designed in different moments of her life and that were deeply linked to were she came from like the white collar dress resembling the little uniforms she had at Aubazine's catholic orphanage where she was raised...or where she went, like the sailor "Breton" stripe top that she presented on her 1917's nautical collection which was inspired in local fisherman that she observed during a visit on the french coast...And well, of course the tweed jacket which needs no introduction as it is an institution in itself!

In her 20's our Chanel Girl starts to discover the elegance of Chanel in a very shy and delicate way, she draws about her dreams and fears...she is yet to discover the power within her...Then, we have our Chanel Woman, she is probably in her 30's or 40's  at this point she knows who she is, she likes it and she is not afraid to wear the pants! both literally and figuratively speaking!! I imagine her being an Art dealer or curator, she is smart, cleaver, a cultured gal who knows exactly where she stands and where she wants to go...And then finally we have our Chanel Lady, she is now on her 50's or 60's, I imagine her to evolve into an Art collector! She is successful and spunky but extremely classy, she has nothing to prove because she is...THE BOSS!

Well my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed my little imaginary you identify part of yourself in her?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello there! ♥

Today's post is inspired by those gals that travel often for work or business and want to make the most out of their suitcase space and their days spent on a cool town that is probably the host of a symphosium or a bussines meeting....

Here a fabulous dress that is to die for! and also like I love to say the outstanding "suporting actors"...very unique accesories that give any outfit the absolute twist to turn it into a great option for a different purpose...

Hope you enjoy and as always..Thank You for stopping by!♥


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hello there my loves!

Ok, everyone that knows me and/or read this blog, already knows I'm a sucker for black and white combos and for those of you who think we haven't had enough of the black and white prints trending...well, here is more for us to enjoy this year... I mean lets do a quick look back in time and as we all remember we have seen so far (in chronological order) dots, stripes, plaid, artsy Pollock-like, gingham, marble and now...GRID!

I can't tell you enough how much I love this trend! It is simple, demure but bold and strong at the same time! I find this print not pretentious and flattering all around!! LOVE ♥

Here I share with you a few options that I fantasize about :)

Hope you like it and as always thank you so much for visiting ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hi Dears!

I have missed you!
Today I wanted to shared something inspired in this summer days of shopping and fun, I don't know about you...but I truly take my hat off for the gals that can go out and about, all around the mall wearing heels, I truly salute you if you are one! I wish I could because I can see how they come very handy when trying on some pieces that need that extra oomph...but I've made peace with the fact that I just can't go shopping in heels :) nevertheless, I do still want look put-together and elegant during my shopping adventures.

Here's a great maxi skirt with great visual impact that also offers comfort in the dressing room! all of this pieces are so easy, yet they all individually have something unique to them...the crossed & braided leather of the sandals, the stitching on this amazing Tory Burch crossbody, the saturated cobalt hue of the maxi, the open shoulder of an otherwise simple top...and the accessories oh! you know I'm a fool for accessories! ;)

Make up wise? I would love to see this with a strong lip to pump up the elegance and I would love a beachy undone wavy look or a great french braid! ♥

Well that is my idea of a comfty-elegant combo, hope you like it and wish you a great summer of shopping and fun!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LINES I ♥: Julie Vos

Julie Vos

Hi Dears!

Today I had to talk about JULIE VOS!! I am an avid fan of their very unique designs. Also I have to confess I am the worst when it comes to taking care of faux bijoux :/ I mean I try to take them off when I wash my hands of course, but no matter how hard I try the metallic look fades very quickly for me and that awful coppery gold comes out (yuuuk)...When I found Julie's Collections it was the perfect solution to all my jewelry troubles ♥...All her pieces are 24K Gold Plate and therefore hold their beauty for a long long long time :D 

All the pieces I own always guarantee someone complementing me or asking me about them, so I decide to post this so you can all enjoy this wonderful creations. 

An insider tip I can give you is, each week they have the "FRIDAY DEAL" and this means one or more of the most coveted pieces go on sale for that day! I have bought for an example rings that range from 75-80 USD for 20-40 USD!!

Also, you can enjoy a 15% off on your first purchase just by subscribing when you open the website.

Ok ladies, well I have given you all my knowledge about this fabulous brand that I truly enjoy :)

Happy spring shopping!
Thank You All for stopping by!

Sunday, February 15, 2015



And Finally...If the date is with your BEAU, your One and Only ;) you are free to go ALL out, wild, sexy and provocative! All the items here scream PASSION therefore I would keep the lipstick demure...besides, with this outfit I don't think it would stay on for too long anyway!! ;D

So, hope you enjoyed the 3 inspirations for Valentines and Thank You as always for stopping by!

Wish you had a wonderful weekend full of friendship and love.