Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little Wonder Dress




Hi Dears,

Everyone that knows me knows that I looove looove looove dresses, I am pretty sure at least half of my wardrobe are dresses and maybe a little more than that. I just find dresses such an ideal and practical garment, you can play them up or down with accessories and they make the outfit building process so easy, not too mention they are comfty to wear all day...

Once in while comes a dress that achieves both visual interest and versatility, I found this amazing printed little dress that its already coming my way ;D and I wanted to share with you how I am already envisioning myself in it!!

If you want to get it don't hesitate and leave me a comment :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy, Mom, Mother




Happy Mother's Day my Dears!!

I was inspired by this idea of how a woman develops in style as her role evolves as well...When she has toddlers the need to be comfortable to run after the little ones is essential and its that time when all she hears all day is Mommy Mommy Mommy! Ha-ha :D I know many of my friends are in that phase right now...Then when the kids become more independent she recovers some freedom and goes back to loving the heels a little more often again, that is the Mom phase :) (also our gifts for Mother's Day have to evolve of course!)... And then when we are adults is when we call her MOTHER and also luckily is when we can afford to give her gifts like that special trip she never took when she was taking care of us ♥

So, to all the Mommys, Moms, and Mothers, God bless you for quitting your heels for us for a while, for forgiving our chocolate stains in your ivory cashmere sweater, and for more than often choosing to buy rollers skates for us instead of that cute bag for yourselves! ♥♥♥




Friday, May 9, 2014

TRENDS: Artsy Abstract Prints


Hi Dears,

This is a summer trend that I really dig!! :) I’ve always been a prints lover and this trend of mixing artsy and abstracts motifs is just making me so happy. Some may think its too loud and wouldn’t dare to try it so that is why I put together some options depending on the loudness of the print :

LEVEL 1: The pants have a low impact print, black and white so you can’t go wrong and really a safe option if you are on the shy side, I pair it with accessories that have basic lines and since its not showing leg or cleavage this is the most conservative of the three.

LEVEL 2: On top of the black and white, we invited blue into the mix for a medium loudness print, that looks really cool with the edgy shorts and sandals and added black and white sunnies.

LEVEL 3: Ok, this is the “out there” four color combo print and I love love love it, with the sky high heels in orangey-red and black and the mint and black clutch, this is a showstopper outfit no doubt about it :)

As a bonus and because nothing can get more artsy than nails, I added the always great Butter London shades that go perfect with the inspiration :)

So, which one you like the most?

As always thank you for stopping by!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Good & Bad


Hi Dears!!

For me the fun thing about expressing thru fashion is that, each time you get to tell a different story depending on what you decide to pair your "main character" with, mine is this Tiffany blue dress, I actually added the bow necklace ;) it looks like part of the dress huh? As you know I love a multipurpose garment so I though of a day look for the goody two-shoes in all of us and one for the night when we are aloud to be baaaaad :D....

So which one you prefer?? Good or Bad?

Love as always,