Friday, March 28, 2014

From P.T.A to P.D.A ;)


Hello Dears!

Today's is turn for another sweet request from one of my dearest friends, she is what I call THE NEW MOM. With the explosion of the fashion world and the popularity and awareness that had been rising about being healthy, taking care of your body, eating well etc... Mothers now more than ever don't use having children as an excuse to let themselves go, just the opposite :) I am surrounded of beautiful ladies that have children and still find time to take care of their bodies, minds, and souls ♥

My OOTD inspiration is a multi-tasker mommy that has to go to the PTA Meeting and to Date Night with her man afterwards ;D

The vibrant color of the heels really pulls the outfit together, I combined with a pencil skirt which is super flattering for most shapes, in a very classic kinda tapestry print that looks sophisticated enough to face the PTA, and in order to keep it appropriate I use a flowy top with pleated detail and kept it very sleek with the accesories.

Well ladies I think that in this look the moms at the meeting will want to be You!! And your Man most definitely will want to make you a mommy again! haha :D

Hope you enjoyed.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014



Hi Dears!

Today's post is in answer to a fabulous request and suggestion that I am so grateful for, because I cannot even start telling how much I loved putting all this together! :D

People that now me, know how far I have gone for my love to Morrissey's Music up on to the point of traveling all by myself over 5,000 Kilometers with the sole purpose of watching the man dressed up in a tuxedo performing at the Carnegie Hall!!! Maybe some day I will tell you the story about that unforgettable experience and how NYC chew me up and spit me down!! Haha :D

But now, let's talk style...This Morrissey Fan has evolved from her teenage years, she doesn't go to the concert in Converse sneakers, she changed them for an amazing pair of Schutz booties and instead of the clear wayfarer glasses that Steven AKA "Mozza" made famous, she has a less literal version in pink (love them!). Also, I wanted to show what she would wear after the concert ;) so I put her in show stopper heels and added an amazing flower print faux-leather jacket :) because we all know the link between flowers and The Smiths right? haha :D and also the flowery details come perfect for spring and as we saw on Fashion Week they will come even stronger for Fall!

 If you like the jacket click HERE it's on SALE ladies ;)  and if you want to listen to one of my favorite songs of all time enjoy HERE

Ok, well this has been a blast, hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

ESSENTIALS #4: The Maxi Dress

Hola Dears!

Time for another great essential on our series and actually one of my faves! ♥ The MAXI DRESS :)
Is no secret that I am a dress lover, I just find dresses a very simple an easy option, and with the right accessories you can give them a different vibe every time, go from day to night, from ultra feminine to rocker, and here I am pleased to share with you my favorite options for this wardrobe staple.
A lot of people think of the Maxi as an obvious option to wear on a hot summer day, near the beach etc, and while its a totally perfect idea, the reality is we can get A LOT more from it....


DATE NIGHT: I got inspired thinking about an invitation for drinks, this is the kind of gal that orders whiskey instead of a cocktail, she is confident, smart, sexy and jut a bit tough in a very appealing way ;)


POWER LUNCH: This is a perfect example of the versatility of the Maxi, we throw a stylish blazer, an awesome handbag, nice but demure shoes, a great cuff as accessory and we are ready to meet with our business partner or a potential investor, assuming that you work on a creative field as I do I added a little personality on the IPad cover ;)


SATURDAY STROLL: Simple, easy, chic! This is what I was telling you before on why I love dresses, I mean you could be ready in 5 minutes and looking like a million bucks! Ready to take your pet for a walk and probably run some errands while you're at it....

Now the tricky part, choosing the right MAXI that can serve all this purposes:

1. Look for fabrics that don't have too loud of a print.
2. Avoid halters and rather go for one that provides some coverage on the shoulder.
3. Watch the length!!! If it's to long for your height, take it to the tailor and get it properly hemmed. There is nothing that will take the chicness out of your dress like walking around "moping" the streets of the city with your garment...

Well lovelies that is it for today, I hope that you like today's options and if you don't have this essential yet...go get yours, we are in perfect time with the spring starting :D

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Thursday, March 6, 2014



Hi Dears,

Sorry for the delay, with so many weather changes I got sick last week but as always trying to look at the positive :) that served as inspiration for this post. While I was coughing and sneezing all I kept wishing was for SPRING to come!!! Longer afternoons, 8:00PM dawns …I mean what’s not to love! Or as in my culture happens time for Carnes Asadas!! Yeah!!! Get the meat, the "guac", the grill ready, some Coronas ;) and we are R-E-A-D-Y!!!!

Carne Asada is the equivalent or similar to a BBQ , so what to wear? As it is an informal affair you can definitely do a cute look with jeans, a flowery top to honor the season (notice that I've choose a peplum one as you will need extra room after all the tacos and Coronas!! Haha), I also paired this with wedges for comfort and a crossbody bag as you will need your two hands free to hold your tacos with one and your beer with the other :D And of course as I always think, do your hair very cute and voila. I want to particularly address the hair situation as it was instilled in me by my mother, that no matter what you are wearing if you have your hair properly done you are halfway to looking spectacular ;)

I promise not to leave for this long again.

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