Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hey Dears!

Today, just the thought of this post made me excited! :D I was struck by PETER PILOTTO since the very beginning when they made their appearance in the fashion scene...Fast-Forward a few years and here they are considered one of the most promising upcoming brands. I'm not going to even try and describe them because the description that Peter Pilotto and Christopher Vos (the designers behind the name) give to their creations themselves is just so perfect and succinct: "Otherworldly prints combine with soft sculptural shapes"...I think that they create an immediate emotional reaction...

On February 3rd we will all have the opportunity of owning a piece of Pilotto's heaven at very affordable prices and I cannot wait! :D Target, one of my favorite places on earth haha it's launching one of its Designer Collaborations, this time with PP and by what the lookbook presents, I can say it will be one of the best colabs we have seen to date!

 I have put together some looks below to prove the versatility that this collection has to offer and if you, like me, are experiencing a SEVERE optical crush after checking them out, click here & GO GET THEM ALL :)

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

TRENDS: Good Sport?

Untitled #22

Hey Hey :)
The Sporty Trend was demurely embraced for Fall 2013 but we are definitely going to see its full bloom during this spring...The key to pull this trend off is to mix it with sleek and sophisticated accessories that add a bit of luxe to the outfit so it doesn’t come off as you are part of a high school varsity team or going to the gym! An example of this is the re-interpretation of the classic baseball hat in leather or even Chanel Sneakers!

Since I'm SURE this will be a love or hate trend I’ve put together 3 options depending on how big of a statement you want to make with it.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeling Gooood!!

Feeling Gooood!!

Hey Dears!

Feeling Good? I can imagine that I am not the only one that once in a while haves one of those mornings, those terrible mornings where you wake up, look at the mirror and say: "Oh My Gosh I look like I got into a fight with Pacquiao!!!" hahaha. Your skin is not having the best morning, your hair just won't cooperate, you try all the things in your closet, even your favorite outfits for god's sake! and still you don't feel your best....:( What I do in those days? I dress all in BLACK! :) 

Yeap, since I was a little girl I loved black, and let's stop for a minute and think that I grew up in a time where black was not a common color for kids to wear, not at all, there was no animal print for children, or anything like it, so imagine my mother's face when I was 6 and told her I wanted all my hair bows to go to school to be BLACK!!! She thought she had Rosemarie's Baby or something! hahaha. Even a girl in my class actually asked me if I was in mourning and since I didn't knew what that word meant I replied with an insult! haha(if you're out there...sorry girl!). In my adolescence I was not gothic at all or wear black just, I enjoyed beautiful black clothes and accesories, they made me feel good!!! :D

Nowadays, whenever I'm having one of those mornings I dress with my favorite black garments, wear my best black sunnies, killer black shoes and just minimal jewelry and voila!!!! I feel better...actually...I FEEL GOOOOOOD!!!

The inspirational outfit today might seem a l-i-t-t-l-e OliviaNewtownJohn-ish :D but I just love feminine pieces mixed with rocker ones, so leather pants with lace peplum! Hello!!!♥♥♥

Well, I just shared one corky thing about me and I will invite you to try it on one of those days, who knows maybe it works for you too ;) the only cardinal rule here is: THEY ALL HAVE TO BE FABULOUS PIECES!!! Black yoga pants, and shapeless t-shirts DON'T count!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

TRENDS: I Heart to Heart


Once in a while comes a print that just can we say?...VIRAL! :)
In 2003, Alexander McQueen did it with the “Skull” print when his scarves started to make an impact on the Hollywood scene and suddenly skulls went from being stigmatized as too harsh or edgy to being a symbol of status and chic!! Soon enough we started seeing the skull fabric everywhere! and the icon transcended into accessories and more…Then Dolce and Gabbana introduced the "Stars" print on their Fall 2011 Collection and again suddenly we saw the influence in more than just fabric…

This time, it was Burberry Prorsum who delivered a Fall 2013 Collection full of “Heart” both literally and figuratively :) and I think we haven’t seen all the impact of this icon yet, as time goes by we will start seeing more and more affordable versions of this inspiration and I am sharing with you 3 different options I found appealing to different budgets and tastes (Obviously the middle one is the Burberry one).

If you have questions about where to get this, please use the comment box ;)

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Extraordinary Simple

Extraordinary Simple

Hello Dears!

Hopefully better weather is around the corner and the days to meet with our girlfriends for cold cappuccinos are too :) Now, there might be times when the date with our besties will not be at a Starbucks or Coffee Bean, let's say it will be at the new trendy cafeteria that has become the hotspot...What to wear?? You know it's going to be a social scene but you don't want to look overdressed either...My answer: Keep it Simple...with a little flirty twist!! ;)  

White T-shirt and Jeans when done right can be simple BUT never ordinary! Here, I show you a perfect example were the top offers a very unique surprise that makes it super flattering also. The bag from Ted Baker is a fantastic way to welcome the spring, it has so many different colors that for sure you will be able to wear time and again with a wide variety of things (you know I love an intelligent purchase ;)) and surely will add originality to any ensemble. And what can I say about the shoes ♥♥!!!

Top everything off with your fave perfume and lip gloss and off you go!!

If you fell in love with the bag the name is HAILLIE and you can find it here ;)

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

ESSENTIALS #2: Striped Boatneck Top

Essential #2

Happy New Year My Dears!!! :D

I am sorry about the absence, but as you can imagine I was enjoying a much needed break from my everyday duties and routine, now I am well rested, happy and ready to start this year with new adventures and goals and of course with plenty to share with you all!

So lets get started with the No.2 of our Essential Pieces...The Striped Boatneck Top. I've chosen this one because it has the infallible black and white combo that pairs with almost everything so you won't feel that its an impractical investment ;) I particularly like the boatneck because it gives this piece a little bit more of sophistication than your regular crew neck tee which could be too casual for an office setting for instance...I am showing here how versatile can be also for different weather and seasons. Also for those mornings when you are running late and screaming "OMG OMG OMG-what to wear?!" it can be a real lifesaver :D

I hope you like this Essential and if you don't have it in your closet here a few options:

As always thanking you for stopping by and wishing you a successful and meaningful 2014 ;)