Thursday, November 14, 2013



Today I wanted to share with you a little piece of me. Obvious to say being involved in fashion I have many icons and muses that serve as inspiration, but the first woman that as a little girl struck me with her stunning presence was Sophia Loren. I found her unique beauty, personality and sex-appeal very commanding, it’s like you couldn’t stop looking at her! so I stared at her pictures for hours on my mother’s magazines (there was no Google then). She had this air of confidence that till this day I have never seen…Being completely enchanted by her I got to learn about her humble upbringing and got to love her even more when I found out that as a little girl she was so thin they called her "Stuzzicadenti" which means “Toothpick”, something that I could relate with and the first time I felt like someone knew how I felt :D I remember thinking “Sophia is cool and so if Sophia was a toothpick as me then I am cool!!” …Oh! self acceptance :)
Based on Sophia’s elegance, femininity and style I put this two ensembles together that are curve hugging, figure flattering and very Italian :) completed with her later-in-life signature cat-eye glasses!

So, who is your icon?

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