Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Work & Play

Thusdays and Fridays Work & Play :)

Hi Dears!

Tomorrow is Thursday and as I say the weekend is "Unofficially" starting! wohooo :) When I have plans for drinks after work on Thursday's or Friday's I prefer to go straight from the office to the bar or restaurant, otherwise if I get home after a long day of work I tend to hesitate and sometimes even flake on the plan, specially during the winter because once you get in the house and start getting cozy you might prefer the idea of a movie with some hot cocoa right? But then, the day after, everybody start sharing the pictures of all the fun they had (without you :( ) and cracking jokes about the best moments of the night and you regret not being there for it...My solution? Bringing 1 or 2 things in my car that I can use to easily morph :D from "office appropiate" to "ready for drinks"!! Here are 2 options one for Thursday and one for Friday, hope you like it :)

Thanks for stopping by!


PS: If you are wondering about the lovely blouse it is one of my best finds of the fall, it is from Target and it is only $25 DLLS! I have paired it with so many things and always get compliments on it because of the colors (pretty much goes with any complexion) and the faux-leather detail on the shoulders, definitely doesn't look $25!! If you want it too, click HERE

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