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Hello Dears!

One of the things that made me fell in love with fashion very early in life was...the ability to dream that it gave me...In my mind, clothes were not only clothes, they were companions to fantastic stories that I created in my mind, when sketching a little dress I used to think on "my woman's" life, not only how she looked but where did she come from, what would she achieve and obviously they were always living fabulous lives and embracing who they were to the fullest...they were like my "fashion super heroes" if you will!!! :)

One of my favorite fashion super heroes would be THE CHANEL WOMAN...I wanted to share with you a little inspiration of what I feel its the perfect style journey for a Chanel-ette :D (should be a word!)...I used actual chronological reference to the iconic pieces that Coco designed in different moments of her life and that were deeply linked to were she came from like the white collar dress resembling the little uniforms she had at Aubazine's catholic orphanage where she was raised...or where she went, like the sailor "Breton" stripe top that she presented on her 1917's nautical collection which was inspired in local fisherman that she observed during a visit on the french coast...And well, of course the tweed jacket which needs no introduction as it is an institution in itself!

In her 20's our Chanel Girl starts to discover the elegance of Chanel in a very shy and delicate way, she draws about her dreams and fears...she is yet to discover the power within her...Then, we have our Chanel Woman, she is probably in her 30's or 40's  at this point she knows who she is, she likes it and she is not afraid to wear the pants! both literally and figuratively speaking!! I imagine her being an Art dealer or curator, she is smart, cleaver, a cultured gal who knows exactly where she stands and where she wants to go...And then finally we have our Chanel Lady, she is now on her 50's or 60's, I imagine her to evolve into an Art collector! She is successful and spunky but extremely classy, she has nothing to prove because she is...THE BOSS!

Well my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed my little imaginary you identify part of yourself in her?

As always thank you for stopping by!


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