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What to wear to VALLE DE GUADALUPE


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Hi Dears!!
Long time no see! I know ♥
I listened to one of the most frequent questions I get, living so close to a very important wine region...What do I wear to visit Valle de Guadalupe? Ok, I’ll explain these 3 inspos that I’m sharing with you today BUT, I’ll also tell you the most frequent faux pas I have seen on my visits to this beautiful place...

First, if you have never visited Valle or you haven't been there in a while, let me tell you it has changed and grown so beautifully!! Even though it's a day trip away if you are visiting from SoCal or a nearby area...I’d recommend that you plan for a weekend getaway and just stay at one of the boutique hotels that the area offers, which I have to say are spectacular by themselves...

Ok my friends, in our "imaginary" 3-day visit to Valle you're going to want to get there comfortably since you will probably be driving for a couple of hours...I suggest a really nice pair of printed shorts with an ultra-feminine top and super comfy pair of sandals and let’s wrap it all up with a cross body bag that-let's face it- is ALWAYS the best option for travel.

On our second day, I went a little bit fancier in my inspiration and choose a beautiful dress that looks elegant yet veryyyyy comfy and paired it with espadrilles (and we will talk about shoes in just a bit...) which are always synonymous of timeless elegance at summer time :) I also added Julie Vos jewelry, which I love because it's so unique and it adds a lot of originality to any outfit, especially when you are going for a bohemian look, one that a vineyard's visit calls for.
And last but not least, we have to think of what to wear on our way back from this viticultural dreeeeam ♥ Well, among some of the attractions that Valle offers is what is known as Glamping (yes you read that right, Glamping! Glamorous-Camping!! Here's a great example of said attraction, in case I left you thinking ;) Cabanas Cuatro Cuartos) and Craft Beer Tasting from local microbreweries! So perhaps, if you don't want to take the protagonist role from wine the other two days, you might want to check the local artisan beers before you leave ;) Obviously, this scene calls for a more relaxed look like in my third outfit suggestion...Some boyfriend jeans, a rocker-ish tank and a hat and you are ready to roll!!

Now, I said I was going to talk about shoes...The biggest mistake ladies make when visiting wineries is to wear HEELS!!! My goodness, it sounds so logical and simple yet, you would be surprised to see how many young beautiful ladies are "trying" to walk across the vineyards in 5-6 inch heels...I mean, ladies there is no way that you will be able to come out of that with dignity, I'm telling you! Ha-ha! Look, I understand that some gals want to add a few inches to their height and wouldn't be caught dead in a flat BUT, for those cases one can always wear espadrilles or a sensible wedge! But please, no "Lady-Gagaesque" platforms are needed for the wine scene.

Ok my ladies, I hope that you enjoy this post and start preparing your next weekend getaway to Valle de Guadalupe, it is WORTH IT!

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