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Friday, August 28, 2015





Hello Dears!

One of the things that made me fell in love with fashion very early in life was...the ability to dream that it gave me...In my mind, clothes were not only clothes, they were companions to fantastic stories that I created in my mind, when sketching a little dress I used to think on "my woman's" life, not only how she looked but where did she come from, what would she achieve and obviously they were always living fabulous lives and embracing who they were to the fullest...they were like my "fashion super heroes" if you will!!! :)

One of my favorite fashion super heroes would be THE CHANEL WOMAN...I wanted to share with you a little inspiration of what I feel its the perfect style journey for a Chanel-ette :D (should be a word!)...I used actual chronological reference to the iconic pieces that Coco designed in different moments of her life and that were deeply linked to were she came from like the white collar dress resembling the little uniforms she had at Aubazine's catholic orphanage where she was raised...or where she went, like the sailor "Breton" stripe top that she presented on her 1917's nautical collection which was inspired in local fisherman that she observed during a visit on the french coast...And well, of course the tweed jacket which needs no introduction as it is an institution in itself!

In her 20's our Chanel Girl starts to discover the elegance of Chanel in a very shy and delicate way, she draws about her dreams and fears...she is yet to discover the power within her...Then, we have our Chanel Woman, she is probably in her 30's or 40's  at this point she knows who she is, she likes it and she is not afraid to wear the pants! both literally and figuratively speaking!! I imagine her being an Art dealer or curator, she is smart, cleaver, a cultured gal who knows exactly where she stands and where she wants to go...And then finally we have our Chanel Lady, she is now on her 50's or 60's, I imagine her to evolve into an Art collector! She is successful and spunky but extremely classy, she has nothing to prove because she is...THE BOSS!

Well my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed my little imaginary you identify part of yourself in her?

As always thank you for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hello there! ♥

Today's post is inspired by those gals that travel often for work or business and want to make the most out of their suitcase space and their days spent on a cool town that is probably the host of a symphosium or a bussines meeting....

Here a fabulous dress that is to die for! and also like I love to say the outstanding "suporting actors"...very unique accesories that give any outfit the absolute twist to turn it into a great option for a different purpose...

Hope you enjoy and as always..Thank You for stopping by!♥


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hello there my loves!

Ok, everyone that knows me and/or read this blog, already knows I'm a sucker for black and white combos and for those of you who think we haven't had enough of the black and white prints trending...well, here is more for us to enjoy this year... I mean lets do a quick look back in time and as we all remember we have seen so far (in chronological order) dots, stripes, plaid, artsy Pollock-like, gingham, marble and now...GRID!

I can't tell you enough how much I love this trend! It is simple, demure but bold and strong at the same time! I find this print not pretentious and flattering all around!! LOVE ♥

Here I share with you a few options that I fantasize about :)

Hope you like it and as always thank you so much for visiting ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hi Dears!

I have missed you!
Today I wanted to shared something inspired in this summer days of shopping and fun, I don't know about you...but I truly take my hat off for the gals that can go out and about, all around the mall wearing heels, I truly salute you if you are one! I wish I could because I can see how they come very handy when trying on some pieces that need that extra oomph...but I've made peace with the fact that I just can't go shopping in heels :) nevertheless, I do still want look put-together and elegant during my shopping adventures.

Here's a great maxi skirt with great visual impact that also offers comfort in the dressing room! all of this pieces are so easy, yet they all individually have something unique to them...the crossed & braided leather of the sandals, the stitching on this amazing Tory Burch crossbody, the saturated cobalt hue of the maxi, the open shoulder of an otherwise simple top...and the accessories oh! you know I'm a fool for accessories! ;)

Make up wise? I would love to see this with a strong lip to pump up the elegance and I would love a beachy undone wavy look or a great french braid! ♥

Well that is my idea of a comfty-elegant combo, hope you like it and wish you a great summer of shopping and fun!!

Thank You All for stopping by!

Saturday, February 14, 2015



OK! So lets say you do have one of those dates where the "situation" is kind of a grey area hahaha hence the gray top on my inspo ;) One of those friends that you are not sure about, been friends forever, has never made a move, but still you don't openly talk about your past relationships or present crushes and you kinda wouldn't let him see you with no make-up on hahaha...meaning deep down it matters a bit! :D You don't want to present yourself in a way that it looks like you are throwing yourself at him hahah but secretly you care! This is the perfect outfit, simple, chic, but with a kick of edge ;)

Stay tunned for PASSIONATE!...

Thursday, February 12, 2015



Hello Loves!
So Valentine’s is closer and closer and I have always love this date, even if the detractors say that it's only a marketing thing for us to buy things, honestly I think that in our very fast-paced lives it doesn’t harm to have a day to remind all the wonderful people that surround us just how special they are :)(Should we remind them every day? YES. Is it sweet as hell to have a special day to give them heart themed reminders of our love? YES!!). And the best of all...It's not only a day to celebrate romantic love but also the most amazing kind of love(in my opinion) which comes from our friends, family and pets also! ♥ – So, on that note I wanted to start a series of posts with outfit options depending on what kind of a date you will have this Saturday! YAY!

Starting with the FRIENDLY DATE…..

So if you are celebrating with your family or a long time friend even if it’s a male friend but that kind of friend that you just know there’s no(nor will be ever)any romantic interest  then I would suggest turning off the sexiness and turning on the sweetnes!! Be comfy! No need for push-ups, spanxs or garter belts here! Hahaha... I would go with the universally flattering jeans and blazer and just pair with something that evoques this special date. The first time I saw the iconic COMME DES GARÇONS heart print it was on a magazine and it has always hypnotized me in a very sweet way 

Stay tunned for the FLIRTY one….. ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2015



Ok Dears :) so I‘ve always admit I am not a cold weather lover, that is just being honest…however I don’t see why we can take advantage of this gelid days by adding a few fun wintery pieces to our wardrobe…because lets face it even though stores and retailers are pushing the spring  clothing down our thoughts already, we’re still going to have a good almost two months of cold feet, hands and ears ;)

So here is my survival kit, I included some basic amazing pieces that are practical enough to mix and match probably with half of your already acquired winter wardrobe but unique enough to add a little spice to any ensemble.

Hope you like them as much as I do and as always thank you so much for stopping by!


Friday, December 26, 2014

NYE OUTFIT IDEAS: Host or Queen?



Hello Dears,

Well, what a year this has been and how fast did it went by!! I want to thank all of you sweet readers that have made this year so exciting for me, I had some fun changes in my personal life this year which prevented me from posting as often as I wanted to, but I appreciate you coming back to see what was new :) 

I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that ALL of your dreams & projects materialize and that 2015 brings you a ton of health, peace, fashion and fun!!!

And speaking of fashion...what is the best way to stay stylish thru the year? By ending it with style of course!!! So, no matter if you are rocking your looks at a fancy club or if you are hosting a party yourself, here are a few options to look the part and closing this year as fashion-fabulously as you want 2015 to be!!!


Friday, August 22, 2014



Hola Dears!

Have you ever bought something that goes with NOTHING in your wardrobe but you just had to have it? Well, that was my mother when I was growing up, needless to say the woman has two and a half closets!! Ha-ha. I remember her saying:"Oh I just love this bracelet"(that she had nothing to pair it with)then she HAD to get the shoes, the bag, the dress and everything else to make it work....I think it was just a cleaver way to justify her shopping addiction, but anyway, on today's outfit that its exactly what happened to me with this amazing Baublebar earrings, they are the star of the ensemble and even though they are sold out(sorry ladies!) I have some wonderful and VERY affordable options below that are equally amazing!!!!!

PS. I am also obsessed with the bag!!!!

Thanks for your visit ;)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

ESSENTIALS: Summer White Dress Perfection

White Dress Perfection

Hey Dears!

I think we all have those non-stop days that make us nervous, because we know we will be moving from appointment to appointment throughout the day and we're not going to have that much time to change. Today's essential is THE perfect option, stay in the same dress and just change the accessories and voila!

A White Dress like this just HAS to be in your closet, its a maxidress so it has some sophistication implicit to it, I love the fit and V-neck, its very flattering to almost all body types + white is a universally flattering color :)

When looking for this essential on your next shopping trip, the main thing you have to check for is a quality fabric! The secret to a great looking white dress is the softness of the material, therefore a stiff fabric or one that easily wrinkles will not be the best investment, you either can go for a great jersey that has some good weight to it or silk, any of this two would be the safe way to go.

Below you can find the exact same dress I use for inspiration and two other options in different price ranges:


$$$ Zappos
$$ Nordstrom

Enjoy shopping and thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Hello Dears!

I know we all have those days where you really wake up not in the mood to glam it up, not in the mood to be supercolorful but you still have to look polish and put together because you have that bussiness lunch you just can't cancel or that meeting with a friend in a very social spot where you know you're gonna bump into acquantances and people in your circle that are part of your professional life and you must pay a little effort without the effort haha...In those cases the answer is NEUTRALS!! Oh yes !!

Put them together and just pair with a detail of neutrals that pop like this Michael Kors Clutch that is really what pulls everything together!  You can get it HERE !

I think this is sexy, feminine and definitely demure enough to say: "That girl didn't try too hard but darn it she looks goooood!!!! :D

I hope you recreate this soon in one of those mornings...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Hey Dears!

So, its Saturday Morning, you have to take out your pet and you don't want to go out on the streets looking like a public enemy for the eyes ha-ha but you don't want to spend more than 10 minutes getting ready...This is what I call Lazy-Chic, this option alouds you to just "slide" into the outfit, if you don't want to do your hair you can just disguise it under this really cool hat and the touch of chicness really is all about the accessories, starting with this Tory Burch Crossbody Wallet (available  HERE) which is a super practical option to carry your credit cards in case you need to do some grocery shopping on your way back and also of course to have your doggie bags handy ;)

The sunnies I cannot even begin to tell you how serious of crush I have!!! This are Tierry Lasry and the model is called Orgasmy :D I mean this people really know what they are talking about!! If you are interested in them you can get them HERE

Well, that's all for today but thanks as always for taking the time and stopping by!


Thursday, July 10, 2014








Hello Dears,

I have a Vegas trip on the corner (yeeey) and wanted to share with you the process on how I normally pack ;)
When I travel with people, very often they comment on how light I pack, specially being a girl and a fashion lover. What I do, is NOT pack any randoms, I specifically pack complete outfits for specific moments of the trip and really imagine each of the days to be realistic about how much time am I going to have to change outfits. Back in the day, I use to suffer from what I call the “vedette syndrome” (ha-ha I know some of you can relate to this) thinking that I was going to have an outfit for breakfast and like a showgirl I was going to change outfits for each opportunity or occasion, a dinner , and outing, pool, name it, I brought it!…Nowadays, I’ve become more practical and wiser and I built multifunctional outfits that can perfectly work on different occasions and only plan changing clothes for nights out or an event…and even then I take just one pair of pumps and a clutch that work with all my night outfits ;)

Here I share a few examples on how just 3 pairs of shoes an a couple of garments can perfectly work for a weekend getaway :) Hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by...and wish me luck!!! ;)



Saturday, June 21, 2014

TRENDS: Rompers & Jumpsuits



Hello Dears,

As you might notice this two babies are back! Rompers & Jumpsuits and I couldn't be happier :) When putting an outfit together they are just an easy and comfortable choice, and I don't know what it is about them, maybe the combination of masculine and feminine, but they just make me feel sexy whenever I wear them...The only down side to them is honestly... the visits to the ladies room! ;) (I know you get me), nonetheless I'm very willing to pay the price because I just can get enough of them! ♥

As you can see I'm showing here some examples on how they are R&J for any occasion, day to night, casual to formal...but there are a few considerations to make when buying yours: 

FIT: It is all about the fit! Consider that, since this garments are made on one piece they are probably not going to fit like a glove because there are so many angles to consider and it's not as easy as fitting in a blouse, in this garment you are trying to accommodate ALL the angles of your body at once! :) So please be patient and don't discard the tailoring option if you find one that you just have to have! :D

PRINT: When choosing a printed one, pay attention to the loudness of the print! One that its to busy or big and you might go from fabulous to clown-land haha.Whit one-pieces, in terms of print is better be safe than sorry.

LENGTH: Particularly when buying online, consider your height and check the specification of the garments very carefully. I know we welcome the idea of doing a little tailoring here and there but there are things that are just not worth the trouble and might end ruining the piece, and one of the height related issues are inseams, so keep this in mind and avoid surprises by measuring your self first ;)

Ok my Dears, I hope you enjoy this summery jewel of a trend and thanks so much for your visit! ;)


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little Wonder Dress




Hi Dears,

Everyone that knows me knows that I looove looove looove dresses, I am pretty sure at least half of my wardrobe are dresses and maybe a little more than that. I just find dresses such an ideal and practical garment, you can play them up or down with accessories and they make the outfit building process so easy, not too mention they are comfty to wear all day...

Once in while comes a dress that achieves both visual interest and versatility, I found this amazing printed little dress that its already coming my way ;D and I wanted to share with you how I am already envisioning myself in it!!

If you want to get it don't hesitate and leave me a comment :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy, Mom, Mother




Happy Mother's Day my Dears!!

I was inspired by this idea of how a woman develops in style as her role evolves as well...When she has toddlers the need to be comfortable to run after the little ones is essential and its that time when all she hears all day is Mommy Mommy Mommy! Ha-ha :D I know many of my friends are in that phase right now...Then when the kids become more independent she recovers some freedom and goes back to loving the heels a little more often again, that is the Mom phase :) (also our gifts for Mother's Day have to evolve of course!)... And then when we are adults is when we call her MOTHER and also luckily is when we can afford to give her gifts like that special trip she never took when she was taking care of us ♥

So, to all the Mommys, Moms, and Mothers, God bless you for quitting your heels for us for a while, for forgiving our chocolate stains in your ivory cashmere sweater, and for more than often choosing to buy rollers skates for us instead of that cute bag for yourselves! ♥♥♥




Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ESSENTIALS #5: The Leather Jacket




Its that time again Dears!! Yeey! :D Essentials! Love'em...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I ♥ leather jackets, I mean, I don't think I could ever say I have too many :D For me, this essential has been always my staple even when they were not that much in fashion, I always felt that added edge and personality to my outfits, but also I find it very practical, since the care required is really minimum!

I have put 3 examples on how versatile the jacket can be, I hope you enjoy them, because I could wear any of this in a heartbeat :)

Now, lets get to the technicalities, shall we? If you are a normal human being...not like me ha-ha...meaning you're looking to have just 1 fabulous version of this in your closet then pay attention to the following:

SHAPE: This is the most important thing to look for, because, you can have a great material very expensive item and if it doesn't fit like a glove and looks amazing on you, guess what!? you are not going to wear it and you will end up having this baby waaaay in the back of your closet and your investment would be in vain. Particularly on a leather jacket that you want to use for different purposes, you want to get one that is nicely fitted at the waist to add that femininity that you will need in order to pair this with a nice dress for an example, if the shape is a little slouchy perhaps would look great with jeans but it will not transition well to a more sophisticated look.

MATERIAL: Whether you wear real leather or only vegan leather (faux-leather), fortunately there are great quality options in the market nowadays :)  Look for medium thickness in the material, if its too thin probably will need more care as it could rip easily and if its too thick its going to be probably to bulky for some looks or outfits.

HARDWARE: This, is a key point where you can tell the quality on leather goods, my rule? “If it looks cheap it will chip” ;) also if the hardware feels too lightweight more are the chances that it will appear not expensive looking.

Last but not least, here are a few options that I found at different price ranges:

$ AMAZON (The one in this post!)

Good luck with your Essentials :) and Thank You for stopping by!


Saturday, April 5, 2014



Hello Dears!!

You, you and you that enjoy stylish and fabulous things as much as I do ♥ ...Have you ever felt judged because of your passion for fashion?? I know I have, and you know what? this outfit is my response to all those people that I have felt judged by!!! -Haha :D

I mean, I totally respect people who don't consider fashion important in their lives and I leave them live in peace :) so, all I ask is a little reciprocity here! Have you ever come across with someone that criticize you or looks at you thinking that because you are super fashionable you don't have any other thing to offer and immediately assume that your appreciation for style must be inversely related to your IQ? Well if you have, I invite you to show the polite alternative to a hand-sign and instead, give them an unapologetic display of elegance, allure and fabulosity! Take this "judgettes" haha...

True, our importance is related to the positive impact that we make, the lessons learned, the love we share, our growth and evolution as human beings and the understanding and compassion we show in our life experiences...BUT why not face these in a cute dress and amazing shoes if possible! I don't see the harm in that! do you? ;)

As always...Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, March 28, 2014

From P.T.A to P.D.A ;)


Hello Dears!

Today's is turn for another sweet request from one of my dearest friends, she is what I call THE NEW MOM. With the explosion of the fashion world and the popularity and awareness that had been rising about being healthy, taking care of your body, eating well etc... Mothers now more than ever don't use having children as an excuse to let themselves go, just the opposite :) I am surrounded of beautiful ladies that have children and still find time to take care of their bodies, minds, and souls ♥

My OOTD inspiration is a multi-tasker mommy that has to go to the PTA Meeting and to Date Night with her man afterwards ;D

The vibrant color of the heels really pulls the outfit together, I combined with a pencil skirt which is super flattering for most shapes, in a very classic kinda tapestry print that looks sophisticated enough to face the PTA, and in order to keep it appropriate I use a flowy top with pleated detail and kept it very sleek with the accesories.

Well ladies I think that in this look the moms at the meeting will want to be You!! And your Man most definitely will want to make you a mommy again! haha :D

Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by!