Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeling Gooood!!

Feeling Gooood!!

Hey Dears!

Feeling Good? I can imagine that I am not the only one that once in a while haves one of those mornings, those terrible mornings where you wake up, look at the mirror and say: "Oh My Gosh I look like I got into a fight with Pacquiao!!!" hahaha. Your skin is not having the best morning, your hair just won't cooperate, you try all the things in your closet, even your favorite outfits for god's sake! and still you don't feel your best....:( What I do in those days? I dress all in BLACK! :) 

Yeap, since I was a little girl I loved black, and let's stop for a minute and think that I grew up in a time where black was not a common color for kids to wear, not at all, there was no animal print for children, or anything like it, so imagine my mother's face when I was 6 and told her I wanted all my hair bows to go to school to be BLACK!!! She thought she had Rosemarie's Baby or something! hahaha. Even a girl in my class actually asked me if I was in mourning and since I didn't knew what that word meant I replied with an insult! haha(if you're out there...sorry girl!). In my adolescence I was not gothic at all or wear black just, I enjoyed beautiful black clothes and accesories, they made me feel good!!! :D

Nowadays, whenever I'm having one of those mornings I dress with my favorite black garments, wear my best black sunnies, killer black shoes and just minimal jewelry and voila!!!! I feel better...actually...I FEEL GOOOOOOD!!!

The inspirational outfit today might seem a l-i-t-t-l-e OliviaNewtownJohn-ish :D but I just love feminine pieces mixed with rocker ones, so leather pants with lace peplum! Hello!!!♥♥♥

Well, I just shared one corky thing about me and I will invite you to try it on one of those days, who knows maybe it works for you too ;) the only cardinal rule here is: THEY ALL HAVE TO BE FABULOUS PIECES!!! Black yoga pants, and shapeless t-shirts DON'T count!

Thanks for stopping by...means the world :)

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