Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Extraordinary Simple

Extraordinary Simple

Hello Dears!

Hopefully better weather is around the corner and the days to meet with our girlfriends for cold cappuccinos are too :) Now, there might be times when the date with our besties will not be at a Starbucks or Coffee Bean, let's say it will be at the new trendy cafeteria that has become the hotspot...What to wear?? You know it's going to be a social scene but you don't want to look overdressed either...My answer: Keep it Simple...with a little flirty twist!! ;)  

White T-shirt and Jeans when done right can be simple BUT never ordinary! Here, I show you a perfect example were the top offers a very unique surprise that makes it super flattering also. The bag from Ted Baker is a fantastic way to welcome the spring, it has so many different colors that for sure you will be able to wear time and again with a wide variety of things (you know I love an intelligent purchase ;)) and surely will add originality to any ensemble. And what can I say about the shoes ♥♥!!!

Top everything off with your fave perfume and lip gloss and off you go!!

If you fell in love with the bag the name is HAILLIE and you can find it here ;)

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