Monday, January 13, 2014

TRENDS: I Heart to Heart


Once in a while comes a print that just can we say?...VIRAL! :)
In 2003, Alexander McQueen did it with the “Skull” print when his scarves started to make an impact on the Hollywood scene and suddenly skulls went from being stigmatized as too harsh or edgy to being a symbol of status and chic!! Soon enough we started seeing the skull fabric everywhere! and the icon transcended into accessories and more…Then Dolce and Gabbana introduced the "Stars" print on their Fall 2011 Collection and again suddenly we saw the influence in more than just fabric…

This time, it was Burberry Prorsum who delivered a Fall 2013 Collection full of “Heart” both literally and figuratively :) and I think we haven’t seen all the impact of this icon yet, as time goes by we will start seeing more and more affordable versions of this inspiration and I am sharing with you 3 different options I found appealing to different budgets and tastes (Obviously the middle one is the Burberry one).

If you have questions about where to get this, please use the comment box ;)

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