Saturday, April 5, 2014



Hello Dears!!

You, you and you that enjoy stylish and fabulous things as much as I do ♥ ...Have you ever felt judged because of your passion for fashion?? I know I have, and you know what? this outfit is my response to all those people that I have felt judged by!!! -Haha :D

I mean, I totally respect people who don't consider fashion important in their lives and I leave them live in peace :) so, all I ask is a little reciprocity here! Have you ever come across with someone that criticize you or looks at you thinking that because you are super fashionable you don't have any other thing to offer and immediately assume that your appreciation for style must be inversely related to your IQ? Well if you have, I invite you to show the polite alternative to a hand-sign and instead, give them an unapologetic display of elegance, allure and fabulosity! Take this "judgettes" haha...

True, our importance is related to the positive impact that we make, the lessons learned, the love we share, our growth and evolution as human beings and the understanding and compassion we show in our life experiences...BUT why not face these in a cute dress and amazing shoes if possible! I don't see the harm in that! do you? ;)

As always...Thanks for stopping by!


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