Friday, March 28, 2014

From P.T.A to P.D.A ;)


Hello Dears!

Today's is turn for another sweet request from one of my dearest friends, she is what I call THE NEW MOM. With the explosion of the fashion world and the popularity and awareness that had been rising about being healthy, taking care of your body, eating well etc... Mothers now more than ever don't use having children as an excuse to let themselves go, just the opposite :) I am surrounded of beautiful ladies that have children and still find time to take care of their bodies, minds, and souls ♥

My OOTD inspiration is a multi-tasker mommy that has to go to the PTA Meeting and to Date Night with her man afterwards ;D

The vibrant color of the heels really pulls the outfit together, I combined with a pencil skirt which is super flattering for most shapes, in a very classic kinda tapestry print that looks sophisticated enough to face the PTA, and in order to keep it appropriate I use a flowy top with pleated detail and kept it very sleek with the accesories.

Well ladies I think that in this look the moms at the meeting will want to be You!! And your Man most definitely will want to make you a mommy again! haha :D

Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by!


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