Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Damage Control

Damage Control

Hi Dears!

So, let's face it...In the next couple of weeks we will surrender to a sea of yummy holiday foods, desserts and more :), this is the one time of the year when we look forward to visiting our love ones and taste all the wonderful delicacies that are part of our cultures :) The one thing though, that we don't look forward to, is the aftermath ha-ha meaning the few pounds that we will probably be gaining, and I say if it's in the name of the holidays SO BE IT! :D But, while "things" go back to normal and we can fit into our skinny jeans again, we need some "Damage Control" Options to look cute and pulled together and here are two that will give us a comfortable fit while still showing we care ;) 
I don't know about you but a floral dress and well manicured hands always make me feel good and pretty no matter what :D

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