Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ESSENTIALS #1: Leather Pencil Skirt

Essentials 1

Hello Dears!

This is the first of a series of posts I'll be doing with specific garments that can kick any wardrobe up a notch ;)  We all have heard about “The Basics”, you know black blazer, white button down shirt, etc, my intention is to bring you "The Essentials" (wonderful items that add ESSENCE! to our closets) things that can take us from Basic Girl to a Fashionable One! :) Sometimes we want to stand out but we are also smart about our budgets and obviously we want to optimize our clothing as much as possible so I am showing you 3 ways that today’s item can serve many purposes, that way you are not buying a “one occasion garment” :) 

The LEATHER PENCIL SKIRT it’s a wonderful alternative that adds edge and personality to an outfit, not to mention that it's so NOW since we've seen the leather trend all over, since last year. There are different options and price ranges and here are a few options if you decide to give this Essential a try ;) :
$ Sears $29 USD
$$ ASOS $86 USD
$$$ Nordstrom $137 USD
$$$$ Net-a-porter $1533 USD

Let me know if you like it and Thank You for stopping by!



  1. Loving this and all of your posts they are so informative and inspiring ��

    1. Vere Thank !You SO Much! You my readers, are the inspiration to me :D XOXO!