Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lines I Love!!! ♥

Lines I Love ♥

Hello Dears,

I've missed you :) This time on "Lines I Love" I want to share with you about: ZARA.

So, this store has been one of my favorites for many many years, first time I visited this store was in 1991 (please DO NOT DO THE MATH! ;)) an addict was born! and since then, their garments have rotate in my wardrobe with lasting grace and endurance ha-ha...I kid you not, I have skirts and blouses I bought literally 10 years ago and I still get compliments about them! That is the beauty of ZARA, they very successfully achieve collections that are current and very "NOW" and at the same time deliver items that can last you a long time without looking dated.

Now, quality and budget wise it is important to point out that my beloved has different lines within the brand: ZARA WOMAN, ZARA BASIC and TRAFALUC also known as TRF. WOMAN has the most exquisite cuts with more of an adult appeal and it is easy to figure that it's meant for the career woman that has a a bigger wallet if you know what I mean...BASIC has the garments that are a "must" for all kinds of styles and appeals to a wide range of tastes, this include both essential layering pieces and also the "off the moment" items that are affordable and very often mimic what we've seen on the runways but for a much more affordable price and in a "toned down" interpretation :) Last but not least TRF, which is the younger face of the brand, on this one the hems are much more shorter, the cuts are way more edgier and it is dedicated to a younger crowd...which means that on terms of cost this is the "low end" option but in no way less fabulous than the other two ;)

As you can see I'm a Lover and if you have questions about this brand please let me know, I consider myself an expert and I proudly can say that I've been in ZARAS from 7 countries and I spent most of my 20's income in them!! I think that if shopping was like the army...this would make me...a ZARA LIUTENANT GENERAL!! At the very least!! :D

Thank You as always for stopping by!!!



  1. Love all your posts Lily.... !!!!! Keep up with the good work. XOXO Mil

  2. Mil thanks Mil ha-ha :) you are so sweet ;)