Friday, December 26, 2014

NYE OUTFIT IDEAS: Host or Queen?



Hello Dears,

Well, what a year this has been and how fast did it went by!! I want to thank all of you sweet readers that have made this year so exciting for me, I had some fun changes in my personal life this year which prevented me from posting as often as I wanted to, but I appreciate you coming back to see what was new :) 

I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that ALL of your dreams & projects materialize and that 2015 brings you a ton of health, peace, fashion and fun!!!

And speaking of fashion...what is the best way to stay stylish thru the year? By ending it with style of course!!! So, no matter if you are rocking your looks at a fancy club or if you are hosting a party yourself, here are a few options to look the part and closing this year as fashion-fabulously as you want 2015 to be!!!


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