Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That's You My Friend!


Hey Hey!

Ok, so, honestly sometimes inspiration to dress just doesn't come in bunches, on those days I try to find just one bold statement piece and just construct around it.This is the perfect example...this booties just screamed!!! "pick me, pick me!" :)

I think about someone with a strong feminine side but a "Don't mess with me" attitude :) Oh I sooo like that girl! She is definitely not afraid of using big chunky jewelry, she can mix girly handbags with badass leather pants and she can definitely make a "stepfordwifey" kinda dinner AND win a political debate on the same night! ;)

That's you my friend...Love ya!



  1. Now that you mention a female individual + big chunky jewelry, I recently saw a slim, tall lady with a huge watch on her right wrist with a similar outfit as the one your pics here describe. Let me tell you she looked awesome and the big "male-like" watch fitted pretty good with the whole outfit. I don't know yet if this "giant, male watch" on females statement is becoming a trend or if it just something unique or maybe a flash in the pan.
    Nice to read you always, beaut, keep up the awesome posting. xoxoxx.

    1. Cantorpistola you make my day!! :D Truly! Also great to see your posts you have a great thing going on over there!! :D