Saturday, February 15, 2014

ESSENTIALS #3: The Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee

Hi Dears,

The next Essential that you should always have in your closet is a Graphic Tee. It is important to have one that serves many purposes, so in order to make a good investment think about 3 things:

Quality: Tee’s are normally not dry cleaned or demand any sort of special care to them, so when choosing yours, go for one that is good quality even if you think that you are paying a little above of what you’ve normally pay for a tee, believe me it will pay off when you throw this in the washer and dryer and have the garment intact after many many uses. A poor quality garment can have stitches pulling out, can shrink in a horrible way or just loose its shape after a few cycles…then your investment would go to the trash…not cool  ;)

Boldness: You want to keep in mind you should be able to pair it with different type of garments, pretty much everything from jeans, to trousers, to skirts etc.. so it is important that your print does not scream “too crazy” and this would be the best way to assure that you will get the most out of one piece.

I know we are in the Era of “Cropped” haha AND I agree Cropped Tops look extremely girly and flirty, BUT, if you think about wearing this for an example for a night in the town or with a tuxedo type suit for an evening formal engagement, a normal length tee would be the best  option since a cropped one would take away any kind of sophistication from your outfit making it look to young perhaps.

Here's the link for the one I use for this post ;) 

Thank You as always


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