Friday, May 9, 2014

TRENDS: Artsy Abstract Prints


Hi Dears,

This is a summer trend that I really dig!! :) I’ve always been a prints lover and this trend of mixing artsy and abstracts motifs is just making me so happy. Some may think its too loud and wouldn’t dare to try it so that is why I put together some options depending on the loudness of the print :

LEVEL 1: The pants have a low impact print, black and white so you can’t go wrong and really a safe option if you are on the shy side, I pair it with accessories that have basic lines and since its not showing leg or cleavage this is the most conservative of the three.

LEVEL 2: On top of the black and white, we invited blue into the mix for a medium loudness print, that looks really cool with the edgy shorts and sandals and added black and white sunnies.

LEVEL 3: Ok, this is the “out there” four color combo print and I love love love it, with the sky high heels in orangey-red and black and the mint and black clutch, this is a showstopper outfit no doubt about it :)

As a bonus and because nothing can get more artsy than nails, I added the always great Butter London shades that go perfect with the inspiration :)

So, which one you like the most?

As always thank you for stopping by!


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