Sunday, November 30, 2014

ESSENTIALS & TRENDS: The Plaid Button Down




Hi Dears!!

So the cold winter should be here, although in my town it hasn't really kicked in, this week we had days around 80 degrees! That is what inspired me to share this essential which is also a huge trend right now! This is a garment that you will be able to have for years and years and you will get a lot of use out of it...I can go on and on about all the great things about them but lets go to the point:

VERSATILITY: As you can see on my inspirations you can take your shirt from edgy to preppy to sophisticated in a snap! just by adding a pair of distressed jeans, a trench coat or a pencil skirt!
COMFORT: Plaid shirts often are made of flannel or a nice blen of cotton and .... so this means that they are not only cozy but also they only get better in time, the more you use them the softer they will get. Also, they are not tight (or they shouldn't be) so you always feel
like you can move around because the look is meant to be a relaxed and cool one!
LONGEVITY: Even though we are seeing this trend everywhere we go now,  plaid has always been around in one way or another so investing in a nice plaid shirt will definitely pay off because pretty much they never go out of style :)

Here a few great options:
UNDER $100
UNDER $150

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cool & Cooler!

Cool & Cooler

Hi Dears,

I have been missing you so much, I've been working really hard on my new collection of dresses and that has kept me away from you all but I am back more inspired than ever...

Today's outfit is for the days to come...or at least what we think is coming haha--thanks global warming!...Ok so let me rephrase, for whenever our weather gets cool it is imperative to be prepared to be cooler ;) This is an outfit that works perfect because it offers layers, if you get to a place that has heating you can take the scarf and jacket off and you would still look like a 10!

I specially love this BAUBLEBAR statement earrings because they take an otherwise simple outfit to a higher glam level, and make this look complete!

I hope you enjoy the last days of hot weather and start preparing for the most elegant season :)

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Monday, September 8, 2014


Altuzarra P



Altuzarra Fun

Hi Dears!!

Is that time again...another great Target Colaboration, this time is ALTUZARRA's turn. It was just 2 days ago that we were drooling over the new SS15 collection on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway and now we will all have easy acces to the beautiful, wearable and practical pieces that this young designer has for us!

Here I share with you some of the options and price ranges that we can expect and I am sure that you -as I, will run to your nearest Target this September 14 to get your hands on one of this pieces.

So, remember to set your alarm this Sunday and hope you enjoy the shopping. In case you don't have a Target near you here is the link so you can be ready to click! ALTUZARRA for TARGET

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Forever Sun

Forever Sun

Hey Dears!

The day is GORGEOUS! and I just thought to myself wouldn't it be nice to have sunny days forever??? :D  I leave you with this very inspiring outfit for a day like today. The beautiful sundress puts everything together...and I am sharing the rest of the info below, I hope you enjoy this awesome SUNDAY!

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Friday, August 22, 2014



Hola Dears!

Have you ever bought something that goes with NOTHING in your wardrobe but you just had to have it? Well, that was my mother when I was growing up, needless to say the woman has two and a half closets!! Ha-ha. I remember her saying:"Oh I just love this bracelet"(that she had nothing to pair it with)then she HAD to get the shoes, the bag, the dress and everything else to make it work....I think it was just a cleaver way to justify her shopping addiction, but anyway, on today's outfit that its exactly what happened to me with this amazing Baublebar earrings, they are the star of the ensemble and even though they are sold out(sorry ladies!) I have some wonderful and VERY affordable options below that are equally amazing!!!!!

PS. I am also obsessed with the bag!!!!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

ESSENTIALS: Summer White Dress Perfection

White Dress Perfection

Hey Dears!

I think we all have those non-stop days that make us nervous, because we know we will be moving from appointment to appointment throughout the day and we're not going to have that much time to change. Today's essential is THE perfect option, stay in the same dress and just change the accessories and voila!

A White Dress like this just HAS to be in your closet, its a maxidress so it has some sophistication implicit to it, I love the fit and V-neck, its very flattering to almost all body types + white is a universally flattering color :)

When looking for this essential on your next shopping trip, the main thing you have to check for is a quality fabric! The secret to a great looking white dress is the softness of the material, therefore a stiff fabric or one that easily wrinkles will not be the best investment, you either can go for a great jersey that has some good weight to it or silk, any of this two would be the safe way to go.

Below you can find the exact same dress I use for inspiration and two other options in different price ranges:


$$$ Zappos
$$ Nordstrom

Enjoy shopping and thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Hello Dears!

I know we all have those days where you really wake up not in the mood to glam it up, not in the mood to be supercolorful but you still have to look polish and put together because you have that bussiness lunch you just can't cancel or that meeting with a friend in a very social spot where you know you're gonna bump into acquantances and people in your circle that are part of your professional life and you must pay a little effort without the effort haha...In those cases the answer is NEUTRALS!! Oh yes !!

Put them together and just pair with a detail of neutrals that pop like this Michael Kors Clutch that is really what pulls everything together!  You can get it HERE !

I think this is sexy, feminine and definitely demure enough to say: "That girl didn't try too hard but darn it she looks goooood!!!! :D

I hope you recreate this soon in one of those mornings...

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